For people who’ve experienced tooth loss, dental implants offer an exciting and important opportunity – the chance to reestablish the foundation of their smiles by replacing their lost teeth roots. However, receiving dental implants can sometimes seem like an extensive process. It involves careful planning and the surgical placement of your dental implant posts, followed by the crafting and placement of the lifelike restoration that the implants will support. Today, we take a closer look at the dental implant placement process, and how it may be a lot less of a hassle than you might expect.

What dental implant placement entails

Dental implants are designed to mimic your lost teeth roots, and are made from biocompatible titanium so that your jawbone can heal to their surfaces after they’ve been implanted. For them to successfully support your replacement teeth, your dental implants must be precisely placed in predetermined spots within your jawbone. This takes thorough planning and digital imaging, which we can accomplish in our office using our array of advanced digital imaging and modeling technology. The results of your examination and digital planning will be used as a guide to help ensure the success of your implant placement procedure.

How long it takes to heal afterward

After your dental implant posts have been placed within your jawbone, it takes time for your jawbone to completely heal to the their surfaces (usually, about 3-6 months). During the healing process, your jawbone will make your implants permanent parts of their structure, similar in form and function to your healthy, natural teeth roots. The process of your jawbone fusing to the implants, which is known as osseointegration, is key to the support and stability that your implants will provide your replacement teeth. By replicating your lost teeth roots, implants offer a greater level of support than traditional bridges and dentures can provide.

How to enjoy your new smile in the meantime

While the process of osseointegration can take a while, you may not have to wait until it’s complete before you can enjoy the benefits of your new smile. For example, many patients choose to receive a high-quality, custom-designed temporary restoration the same day they receive their dental implants. A temporary restoration can allow you to regain your confidence and your ability to enjoy most of your favorite foods again before you even have your permenant implant restoration secured in place.

Learn more about dental implant placement

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