You don’t have to deal with tooth loss for long before realizing how much it’s affected your daily routines and overall quality of life. Those effects alone are enough reason to be excited about replacing your lost teeth and rebuilding your smile. With dental implants, however, restoring your smile is about more than just replacing the parts of your teeth that you see and that help you bite and chew your food. It’s also about helping you truly regain a better quality of life by preventing many of the impacts tooth loss has on your oral health.

1. Your restoration will never move

What sets a dental implant restoration apart from more traditional ones is the way in which the restoration is supported. Traditionally, solutions like dental bridges and partial dentures relied on abutment teeth and hidden clasps (respectively). However, dental implants are designed to provide more lifelike support for your restoration by mimicking your healthy, natural teeth roots. This means implementing one or more implant posts in your jawbone to anchor your dental restoration in place, preventing it from moving or shifting as traditional restorations can often do. This improves the comfort and stability of your restoration, as well as its quality and ability to function properly.

2. Your oral and facial structures remain healthier

Dental implants’ ability to replace lost teeth roots means a lot for the comfort and stability of your restoration, but it means much more to many other parts of your smile, as well. For example, your healthy, natural teeth roots are vital to stimulating your jawbone and keeping it healthy, which is important to the health and integrity of your surrounding oral and facial structures, as well. This helps prevent the loss of mass and density in these structures that can often visibly affect your face and smile. With dental implants, you can largely prevent this and help your oral and facial structures remain healthier and more vibrant.

3. You can preserve the rest of your smile better

In addition to improving the appearance of your smile and facial structures, receiving dental implants to replace your lost teeth also provides several other important long-term benefits. By mimicking your healthy, natural teeth and their roots, which eliminates the need for things like abutment teeth and clasps, you can more easily and effectively care for your smile every day. Brushing and flossing your teeth and restoration will more effectively prevent things like gum disease from developing, and the enhanced comfort of the implant posts will offer your restoration greater stability.

Rebuild your smile with dental implants

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