Some patients are surprised to learn that they have a choice in different types of dental implants, or that there are different types to choose from at all. With the purpose of replacing your lost teeth roots and allowing your jawbone to fuse to them, it may not seem like there’s much room for variation in dental implant posts. However, at our Ft. Worth, TX, office, we’re dedicated to providing the highest-quality dental implant treatment to all patients who’ve experienced tooth loss. Maintaining that quality means offering customized implants, such as mini and small-diameter implants that consist of thinner and more minimally invasive posts.

What makes them mini dental implants?

The conventional design of dental implants hasn’t changed much over the last several decades because the design works. Typically made from biocompatible titanium and designed to mimic a healthy, natural tooth root, dental implants offer unmatched stability and comfort for your dental restoration (i.e., bridge or denture). Mini and small-diameter dental implants accomplish the same goals, but are designed specifically to be smaller than traditional implant posts (usually, less than 3mm in diameter). Reducing the size of the implant post doesn’t negatively impact its ability to support your dental ridge or the weight of your bite; however, it can help more patients enjoy the benefits of dental implants with more minimally invasive treatment.

Benefiting from smaller dental implants

The reasons for recommending mini or small-diameter dental implants, and the specific benefits they provide each patient, can differ greatly. However, these benefits typically stem from the fact that they’re smaller and thinner than traditional implant posts. This means (among many things) that the posts can be inserted into your dental ridge with less surrounding bone structure. For example, your jawbone may have lost some of its mass and density over the years, especially if it’s been several since you’ve lost teeth. Rather than undergoing jawbone grafting before replacing their lost teeth, many patients can avoid the additional surgery by choosing mini or small-diameter dental implants, instead.

How we ensure they’ll perform optimally

At our office, we strive to make your dental implant procedure as minimally invasive as possible, but it’s just as important to ensure that every treatment precisely fits the patient’s needs and preferences. That’s why we start with a comprehensive examination, including digital X-rays and imaging, if necessary. Not only can we determine more accurately the state of your oral health jawbone structure, but also digitally plan your treatment and use advanced technology to ensure that it will provide the benefits your smile deserves.

Learn about mini and small-diameter implants

With mini and small-diameter dental implants, we can make rebuilding your smile with dental implants a much more minimally invasive process. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414. We proudly serve the residents of Ft. Worth, Dallas, Southlake, and all surrounding communities.