Some of the causes of tooth loss are pretty well-known. For instance, increasingly more people are recognizing that gum disease is the leading cause of it, and taking appropriate steps to protect their smiles from it. Accidental trauma is less common, but just as well-known as a potential reason for losing a tooth. However, there are some factors that you might know you exhibit, but don’t realize that they could be raising your risks of losing one or more teeth. Today, we take a look at three of these factors, and how they contribute to the possibility of you experiencing tooth loss at some point.

1. Having crooked teeth

In some rare cases, a tooth might be so crooked that its misalignment can’t be corrected without extensive treatment. So extensive, in fact, that it could be better for your oral health to remove the tooth so the rest of them can be corrected and realigned, if necessary. However, that’s not the only way crooked teeth contribute to tooth loss. When they’re not aligned properly, your teeth can’t exactly function properly, either. The pressure of your bite can be off, and the teeth may be subject to damage, tooth decay, and other concerns. Each of these may be an additional factor in your risks for tooth loss if they develop, which is why straightening crooked teeth should be a priority in preserving your smile.

2. Having a bite problem (like bruxism)

The alignment of your teeth plays a role in your tooth loss risks because of the conditions that it can lead to, and one such condition is bruxism. The chronic grinding of your teeth that comes with bruxism can become a serious threat to the health and integrity of multiple (if not all) of your teeth, increasing their risks of being lost or needing to be extracted. Bruxism is often accompanied by one or more other concerns, such as TMJ disorder, and in addition to the damage grinding causes, the jaw dysfunction might also lead to several more serious oral health concerns.

3. Having a lost tooth already

If you’ve already lost tooth already, you might think the struggle is over. Either you believe that’s the end of it, or you’re convinced that now you’re destined to lose all of your teeth eventually. The latter is closer to the truth – losing one tooth greatly increases your risks of losing more – but it isn’t guaranteed that losing one tooth means losing all of them. In fact, by replacing the lost tooth with a dental implant restoration, you can address the underlying processes that lead to that increased risk. A dental implant replaces your lost tooth root, which reestablishes the stimulation necessary for your jawbone to stay healthy. Otherwise, the bone structure could shrink over time, making it more likely that you’ll keep losing teeth.

Protect your smile from tooth loss

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