After you’ve experienced tooth loss, choosing the right replacement isn’t about completely reinventing your smile. In fact, the most effective and biocompatible dental treatments are those that closely mimic the natural design of your healthy teeth and oral structures. When it comes to replacing one or more lost teeth, that means choosing a restoration that replaces as much of your lost tooth structure as possible. While some conventional restorations use creative means to support themselves, dental implants can provide a way for you to optimize your tooth loss treatment by including a restoration for your lost teeth roots, as well.

They replace more of your tooth structure

Dental implants are the only dental treatment option that replaces a lost tooth root. As such, it’s the only restoration that can restore the majority of your lost tooth structure, which offers several important benefits for your smile and oral health. For example, replacing the roots of your teeth means that your dental restoration won’t require any creative measures to support it. It will rest securely anchored to your dental ridge with one or more implant posts, similar to how your natural teeth remain in place by their roots.

They keep replacement teeth more stable

The ability to anchor your replacement tooth or teeth to your dental ridge is unique to dental implants, and it’s one of the reasons why implant-supported restorations are so much more stable. Traditional methods like abutment teeth for dental bridges and clasps for partial dentures can be effective, but replicating the support of healthy, natural teeth roots is typically the best solution for your smile. In addition to avoiding the need for additional structures, implants also help prevent concerns like your restoration shifting or moving along your dental ridge.

They can more fully restore your smile

With a restoration that closely resembles your healthy, natural teeth and a smile that’s once again whole, you can enjoy a more fully restored smile than a conventional restoration can provide. For patients who’ve experienced tooth loss, this is especially important. The loss of a tooth’s root can have profound consequences, including the shrinking of your jawbone structure in the area where your teeth roots have been lost. With dental implants, you can help lessen or stop this erosion from occurring to preserve your smile more successfully.

Learn more about tooth loss and dental implants

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