Month: March 2020

The Unique Abilities of Dental Implants

For patients who’ve lost one or more teeth, there are several options for replacing them. However, for most conventional tooth replacements, the choice mainly boils down to how many teeth you’ve lost, and whether a dental bridge, partial, or complete denture is best for replacing them. Today, however, patients who want to rebuild their smiles… Read more »

Why Jawbone Grafting May Not Be Necessary

While everyone’s dental health and treatment is unique, some principles remain the same for everyone. For example, no matter your dental health concern, the optimal treatment is typically the one that offers the most minimally invasive solution to improving your oral health. When it comes to recovering from tooth loss, that need is especially great…. Read more »

Answering Questions About Adult Tooth Loss

The thing about tooth loss is that, while most people recognize what it is, not everyone understands the important details around it. For example, because it can be a common concern for many patients, some may believe that it’s inevitable once you reach a certain age. Others may believe that tooth loss is merely an… Read more »

A Checklist for Restoring Your Smile with Dental Implants

If you’ve experienced tooth loss, then you may already realize that the best thing you can do for your smile now is to replace your lost teeth as soon as possible. Fortunately, with the help of dental implants, you can restore nearly all of the functionality of your lost tooth or teeth, as well as… Read more »

Is It a Good Idea to Replace an Extracted Tooth?

When you’re told that you have to extract a tooth, you might debate whether the procedure is  necessary. However, once you decide to extract the tooth and the procedure is completed, you might consider the problem solved. The truth, though, is that extracting a tooth that’s causing trouble is often only the first part of… Read more »

Getting to Know Dental Implants Better

You spend much of life taking care of your smile in order to preserve your healthy, natural teeth. When something does occur, the best advice your dentist gives you is to seek treatment for it as soon as possible – usually, to improve your chances of saving your natural tooth structure. Because of this, losing… Read more »

What’s Different About Same-Day Tooth Extraction?

Choosing to remove a tooth from your dental ridge can be a big decision. It will mean losing a tooth, and in most cases, replacing it, but it can also be necessary to mitigate another serious, more immediate threat to your oral health. To help make tooth extraction less stressful, we can often recommend same-day… Read more »

Can You Prevent Tooth Loss?

Since it affects a large percentage of people to at least some degree by the time they’re in their elder years, tooth loss can often seem like something you can’t really control. However, it is, and in many cases, believing tooth loss is inevitable can make people less diligent in protecting their smiles, which leads… Read more »

A Few Ways We Make Implants Minimally Invasive

Tooth loss can be one of the most devastating things to occur to your oral health. While most dental issues can impact your oral health in multiple ways, losing one or more teeth can negatively affect almost every aspect of your smile. From its appearance to the way in which your bite functions, the consequences… Read more »

What a Custom, Dental Implant Restoration Can Do

Until the last few decades, replacing lost teeth typically meant designing a restoration that fills the gaps in your smile, but only the part that you can see. Known as your teeth crowns, the parts that rest above the gum line are the parts responsible for biting and chewing your food, helping you enunciate your… Read more »