In general, dental implants can often provide the most comprehensive way to rebuild your smile following tooth loss. However, everyone’s oral health is different, and the specific benefits that implants provide for your immediate and long-term oral health depend largely on your specific oral health concerns. Today, we explore three times when choosing dental implants to replace your lost teeth roots is the best option for your smile, and why we often recommend them to patients with these and similar oral health needs.

When you’ve lost one or more teeth

Tooth loss occurs for a number of different reasons, but the impacts it has are similar for most people. For instance, aside from the damaged from the underlying condition that caused your tooth loss, the loss itself can have a debilitating effect on the rest of your oral tissues and structures. The missing crown of the tooth can cause your bite to become imbalanced, which can expose your remaining teeth to excessive pressure. The absence of the root in your jawbone structure can cause the bone structure to resorb, or lose mass and density over time. By replacing the lost tooth with a dental implant restoration, you can largely prevent these consequences, or stop them from impacting your oral health any further.

Immediately after extracting a tooth

Tooth extraction is only recommended when there’s no other option for restoring and saving a tooth. Extracting it can stop the compromised tooth from negatively affecting the rest of your oral health, but the loss of the tooth can have entirely different, equally negative impacts if left unaddressed. Because of this, we often recommend same-day tooth extraction, which involves placing a dental implant restoration immediately after extracting a tooth to replace its root and crown structure. A custom-made implant restoration will restore your smile’s appearance and your bite’s ability to function, and the sooner it’s placed, the less your tooth extraction will affect your long-term oral health.

When upgrading a current restoration

Patients who’ve recently experienced tooth loss or who have just had a tooth extracted can often benefit greatly from dental implant placement. Yet, if you’ve worn a more conventional dental bridge or denture for a while now, you may still benefit from upgrading with an appropriate number of dental implant posts. With our extensive experience and array of advanced, in-house technology, we can help design a treatment plan that takes into account the time it’s been since you’ve experienced tooth loss. That may include utilizing small-diameter implant posts to accommodate the smaller jawbone structure that can often result from the loss of your teeth roots.

Ask us if dental implants are your best option

Whether you’ve just a lost a tooth or had one extracted, or want to improve the quality of your current restoration, you may be able to rebuild your smile more successfully with the help of dental implants. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414. We proudly serve the residents of Ft. Worth, Dallas, Southlake, and all surrounding communities.