The thing about tooth loss is that, while most people recognize what it is, not everyone understands the important details around it. For example, because it can be a common concern for many patients, some may believe that it’s inevitable once you reach a certain age. Others may believe that tooth loss is merely an obscure concern that they’ll never have to seriously worry about. The best way to protect your smile against tooth loss is to understand the truth behind how it happens, and what your specific risks for it may be.

How does a tooth become lost?

The way tooth loss occurs is one of the most commonly misunderstood aspects of it. It can occur for a number of different reasons, including accidental trauma and severe chronic oral health issues, such as gum disease. It can also occur for reasons involving inadequate spacing along your dental ridge, which can lead to problems such as tooth impaction and the need to extract a tooth. Once you understand some of the most common causes behind tooth loss, you can take better steps to protect your smile from them. With the right care and maintenance, you may have a good chance of preventing it from occurring.

Is tooth loss really preventable?

For many people, the most common causes of tooth loss are highly preventable. For instance, the most frequent cause is gum disease, which can often be prevented with consistently good hygiene and preventive dental care. It can also be controlled if it does develop, allowing you to stop the damage it causes and prevent losing one or more teeth to it. The same is true for many other causes of tooth loss; however, in some cases, losing or having to extract a tooth may not be preventable, and your best option is to restore your smile by replacing the tooth or teeth as soon as possible.

What’s the best way to replace a lost tooth?

If you do experience tooth loss, you don’t have to feel as though you’ve failed your smile. You still have a good chance of preventing the loss from affecting your smile in a way that raises your risks of losing more teeth, as well as rebuild your smile’s healthy function and appearance. For example, many of the greatest consequences of tooth loss result from the loss of the tooth’s root, which you can replace with a custom-designed, biocompatible dental implant.

Learn more about the dangers of tooth loss

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