Time plays a big role in your smile restoration when you need to replace one or lost teeth. The sooner you rebuild your smile, the sooner you can enjoy the benefits of a full, healthy smile again. However, there’s more to restoring your smile quickly than enjoying your renewed confidence sooner. There are also several significant consequences of tooth loss that can impact the long-term state of your oral health. The faster you replace your lost teeth and restore your smile, the greater chance you have of mitigating those consequences and avoiding more extensive treatment later.

Replacing lost teeth with dental implants

The ability to replace your lost teeth with a dental implant-supported restoration means a lot for both your restoration and your oral health. Dental implants are small, root-like prosthetic posts that are designed to restore the functions of your lost teeth roots. The most obvious of these functions is the way in which healthy teeth roots support your natural teeth. Unlike more conventional restorations, implants give your replacement teeth greater comfort and stability by anchoring it to your dental ridge. This makes your restoration more capable of withstanding repeated biting and chewing pressures without shifting out of place, or wearing down prematurely.

Traditional implant placement and restoration

For dental implants to replace lost teeth roots and provide the benefits they’re known for, they must be carefully and strategically inserted into your jawbone structure. This allows for osseointegration, or the bonding of your bone structure to the biocompatible implant post, to occur. In traditional dental implant treatment, placing dental implant posts is typically followed by waiting for 3-6 months as osseointegration occurs. Then, the restoration can be secured to the implant posts. However, with New Teeth in One Day, we can custom-design a high-quality, highly durable temporary restoration, which allows you to enjoy your new smile faster as you wait for your permanent restoration to be placed.

Placing and restoring your implants in one day

New Teeth in One Day helps streamline the dental implant and restoration processes to make it more convenient for patients. This is possible thanks to our in-house dental lab, which is equipped with advanced imaging, diagnostic, and treatment planning technologies. Our office is capable of performing dental implant placement under the same roof where we plan your treatment and craft and place your implant-supported restoration. Not only does this eliminate the need to visit different offices for each phase of treatment, but also makes it possible for us to design and secure a high-quality temporary restoration the same day that we place your dental implant posts.

Learn if you can benefit from New Teeth in One Day

Rebuilding your smile by replacing your lost teeth with dental implants can be a more convenient process with the help of New Teeth in One Day. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414. We proudly serve the residents of Ft. Worth, Dallas, Southlake, and all surrounding communities.