When you’re told that you have to extract a tooth, you might debate whether the procedure is  necessary. However, once you decide to extract the tooth and the procedure is completed, you might consider the problem solved. The truth, though, is that extracting a tooth that’s causing trouble is often only the first part of restoring your healthy smile. In many cases, it’s a good idea to replace the tooth after it’s been extracted to refill and rebuild your healthy and fully functioning smile.

Why should you extract the tooth in the first place?

The need to extract a tooth can sometimes seem confusing to patients. Restoring and preserving teeth that are compromised is typically the preferable choice for your smile and long-term health. Typically, a custom-restoration is better than just removing the tooth. However, a natural tooth has a very limited amount of natural structure, none of which grows back or repairs itself. In extreme cases, the tooth may not be a candidate for restoration due to severe complications with its structure. This can have an increasingly more negative impact on different aspects of your oral health, including your overall bite function.

Why you should consider what comes next

After you’ve extracted a tooth, the trouble that it causes will no longer be a concern. However, the loss of the tooth can also have different impacts on your oral health, such as creating an imbalance in your bite and inhibiting its proper function. This can lead to more teeth being damaged or compromised due to exposure to excess pressure, or increased risks of threats such as tooth decay. In many cases, the best way to reestablish your full and healthy smile and bite is to replace the tooth that’s been extracted.

Can you extract and replace the tooth the same day?

The good news for many patients who need tooth extraction is that replacing the tooth afterward doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. For example, at our office, we can often perform tooth extraction and replacement with a dental implant restoration all during a single visit. The sooner you replace an extracted tooth and fill your smile, the better you can avoid many of the consequences that can result from the loss of the tooth.

Learn more about replacing an extracted tooth

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