Choosing to remove a tooth from your dental ridge can be a big decision. It will mean losing a tooth, and in most cases, replacing it, but it can also be necessary to mitigate another serious, more immediate threat to your oral health. To help make tooth extraction less stressful, we can often recommend same-day tooth extraction procedures that include replacing the tooth as soon as we extract it. With same-day extraction, we can remove the threat to your smile and restore its health and function, all during the same visit.

Understanding the point of tooth extraction

Choosing to restore a tooth isn’t like choosing between other restorative treatments for your tooth. Rather than fixing and preserving the tooth, the goal of the procedure is to remove it in its entirety. This is why tooth extraction is typically a last-resort option; if the tooth can’t be saved through any restorative means, then the best solution is likely to remove and replace it. Extracting the tooth can save the rest of your smile from a wide range of subsequent oral health concerns, which can differ depending on the tooth’s specific problem.

Why replacing the tooth matters

People who need tooth extraction can need it for different reasons, but most share something in common – once the tooth is removed, the empty space in their smiles creates entirely new problems. Your bite works best when you have full rows of teeth on your upper and lower dental ridges. Otherwise, your teeth will have trouble accommodating the immense, repeated pressures of biting and chewing. Unless the extracted teeth are impacted wisdom teeth, replacing them will be essential to restoring your bite’s proper function and helping you avoid further problems due to the loss of your tooth.

How same-day replacement improves your oral health

Replacing a tooth that’s been extracted is an important step in your overall treatment plan, and the sooner we can replace it, the better it is for your long-term oral health. The impacts of losing a tooth and its root can begin to impact your oral structures as soon as they’re gone. The longer you wait to replace the tooth, the greater these impacts can diminish your oral health and bite function. With a goal of providing optimal, minimally invasive treatment for all patients, we can often recommend same-day extraction to minimize the effects of losing the tooth.

Ask us about same-day tooth extraction

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