Patients who’ve experienced tooth loss to varying degrees often benefit most when they choose dental implants to rebuild their smiles. However, until you receive your dental implants, you may have a lot to consider about whether they’re the best option for your smile, and what the specific, unique benefits are that make them more valuable than more traditional restorations. Today, we take a look at why you should consider dental implants if you’ve experienced tooth loss, whether or not you’ve already replaced them with a conventional bridge or denture.

It’s better not to wait much longer

The thing about tooth loss is that it can have several more significant impacts on your oral health than you might realize at first. In addition to the appearance of your smile and the feel of your bite, as well as the force behind your biting and chewing function, the loss of a tooth can also negatively impact your surrounding jawbone and oral structures, causing them to lose mass and density. Replacing your lost teeth roots with dental implants can help you mitigate many of these impacts, but the longer you wait, the more severe these effects can become.

The advantages to your smile are significant

One of the most significant advantages of dental implant-supported restorations is the fact that they replace your lost teeth roots as well as the visible parts of your teeth. This means several things for your smile and restoration, such as improved stability and comfort when you bite and chew. However, there are also benefits to your jawbone and oral structures that come with reestablishing the stimulation your teeth roots provide. This includes helping you maintain the health and integrity of these structures more successfully, preventing things like increased risks of tooth loss and more.

They can improve your current bridge or denture

If you’ve already replaced your lost tooth or teeth with a conventional bridge or denture, then the significant advantages that come with dental implants can be even more pronounced. Compared to a traditional bridge or denture, the supportive function of dental implants offers a more realistic way to support your replacement teeth. This includes anchoring the restoration to your dental ridge with root-like posts, rather than using adhesives or abutment teeth and crowns to support it.

Learn more about dental implants

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