If you’ve worn a custom dental restoration to restore your smile from tooth loss for a while now, then you may recognize the value in having a restoration that closely mimics your healthy, natural teeth. However, beyond its appearance, it may be lacking an important part of your natural teeth – the roots that support them. Dental implant restorations combine the realistic appearance of a high-quality, custom designed dental restoration with the more comprehensive and lifelike benefits that come with replacing your lost teeth roots, as well. Because of this, many people choose to upgrade their current restorations with the addition of dental implants.

What are dental implant posts?

A dental implant post is designed to mimic the way a healthy, natural tooth functions, starting with improving the comfort and stability of your restoration. To mimic your teeth roots successfully, dental implant posts are inserted into your jawbone where the roots once rested. The jawbone structure heals to the implant posts, holding them securely within your smile’s foundation. Then, your custom-designed restoration can be affixed to the implant posts, creating a more lifelike replacement for your teeth and their roots.

How are implant restorations more lifelike?

The fact that your restoration now has biocompatible, root-like anchors automatically makes it resemble your natural teeth more closely. However, the implications of that resemblance may mean more for your smile and oral health than you realize immediately. For example, supporting your teeth when you bite and chew isn’t the only important function of your teeth roots. Your jawbone and surrounding oral structures also rely on the stimulation they provide, which diminishes when you experience tooth loss. The loss of this stimulation can negatively impact your oral health in multiple ways, and only dental implants can mimic your natural tooth structures thoroughly enough to reestablish it.

Can you add implants to your existing restoration?

If you choose to upgrade your current restoration to one that’s supported by dental implants, then you will need a new restoration designed specifically for the implant posts. Fortunately, the entire process can be completed under one roof, thanks to our advanced in-house dental lab and dental implant placement capabilities. Our advanced technology and extensive dental implant experience allow us to design your treatment, place your implant posts, and design and place your restoration all within one office.

Benefit from a dental implant restoration

One or more dental implants could give your restoration a much more comfortable and lifelike support system. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.