Bouncing back from tooth loss involves a lot. Though the most obvious impacts may be the visible ones, such as the gaps in your smile where your teeth are missing, others can more directly impact your oral health and bite function. Fortunately, modern dental bridges and dentures are designed to address most of the consequences of tooth loss with highly lifelike and durable results. However, they still have room for improvement in the way that they’re supported. Today, we examine the one thing conventional restorations lack – prosthetic teeth roots – and how dental implants can improve your bridge or denture by providing them.

Dental implants and your tooth loss

Dental implant restorations aren’t drastically different from more conventional modern restorations. The only difference is that they’re supported by root-like posts. Yet, that difference is significant when it comes to addressing the affects of your tooth loss on the rest of your oral health. Dental implants are made to mimic your healthy, natural teeth roots, which means they can support your bridge or denture in much the same way. This also means they can function like your healthy teeth roots, including stimulating your jawbone whenever your restoration absorbs pressure from your bite.

Dental implants instead of a dental bridge

The benefits that implants can provide your restoration can depend on the specific type of restoration you have, and the extent of your tooth loss. For example, dental bridges are typically designed to replace single lost teeth, or multiple adjacent teeth, and be supported by dental crowns bonded to the nearby teeth. By contrast, a dental crown can replace a single lost tooth without the need for additional support when it’s combined with a root-like dental implant post. This helps you better preserve the rest of your healthy, natural tooth structure, as well as enjoy greater stability for your replacement tooth or teeth every time you bite and chew.

Dental implants instead of a denture

Dentures are designed to replace all of your teeth on your upper or lower dental ridge after you’ve experienced significant tooth loss. With the help of a custom denture, you can regain much of your bite’s function, as well as restore your smile’s healthy, full appearance. Yet, the loss of so many teeth roots can also have a dramatic impact on the health and integrity of your jawbone structure, as well as the oral and facial structures surrounding it. You can help prevent these consequences by replacing the roots with a full-arch dental implant restoration, which utilizes strategically placed implant posts along your dental ridge to support the larger restoration.

Improve your bridge or denture with implants

Your dental bridge or denture can replicate your healthy teeth more realistically with the help of root-like dental implant posts. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.