Tooth extraction isn’t often necessary, but when it is, the goal is still to preserve your healthy, natural smile as much as possible. The point of extracting the tooth is to remove any potential threat it may cause to the rest of your oral health when the tooth itself can’t be restored. However, this still leaves the issue of your tooth being removed from one of your dental ridges, and the potential problems this could cause if not addressed.

If you do need tooth extraction

There are multiple different reasons why teeth may need to be extracted, and the specific nature and extent of your tooth’s problem is an important factor in what comes next. For instance, if the tooth is a wisdom tooth that’s become impacted, then surgically extracting it could be all that’s needed to preserve your smile. However, if the tooth is a severely damaged or otherwise compromised tooth that isn’t a third molar, then it can still play an important role in your bite and oral health. Therefore, extracting such a tooth should be planned alongside with an appropriate treatment to replace it.

Considerations after the tooth is extracted

Once a tooth is extracted, the threat that it might have caused to your oral health is also removed. Yet, restoring your smile will still require addressing the impact of the tooth’s loss on your bite and oral health. For instance, the rest of your healthy, natural teeth might still be at risk of shifting out of alignment, becoming damaged from uneven bite pressure, or developing progressive tooth decay. One of the more impactful consequences, however, is the loss of the tooth’s root, which can negatively impact the jawbone structure that supports the rest of your teeth.

Is a dental implant the best next step?

With the threat of your compromised tooth neutralized, the next step in restoring your smile will be restoring the lost tooth’s vital functions. That includes the support it provided your other healthy, natural teeth, as well as the stimulation it provided your supportive jawbone structure. This can be accomplished with the help of a dental implant restoration, which is designed to replace your lost teeth roots to give your custom restoration more lifelike support.

Learn more about tooth extraction

If your tooth is in severe enough trouble that extracting it is the best option, then learn why replacing it as soon as possible is the best plan for your overall oral health. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.