When you rebuild your smile after tooth loss by replacing the lost teeth with dental implants, the process can involve multiple steps. The point is to address all of your lost tooth structure, including the roots, which means carefully planning and placing dental implant posts within your dental ridge before securing the custom, visible restoration to them. Traditionally, it can take up to 3-6 months between placing dental implants and placing the restoration on top of them. However, with New Teeth in One Day, we can help many patients shorten that time significantly and enjoy their dental implant restorations much sooner.

Your treatment process is more streamlined

The ability to place and restore dental implants is a benefit of being able to perform the entire dental implant process in one office. Our advanced in-house dental lab allows us to plan your dental implant placement and perform the surgery in-office. Using digital CAD/CAM technology, we can also custom-design and craft your highly lifelike restoration within the lab. The more streamlined implant treatment process means you don’t have to visit multiple offices throughout the course of your treatment, which is essential in making New Teeth in One Day possible.

You can enjoy your new smile faster

In addition to advanced in-house technology and a fully outfitted dental implant laboratory, the key to providing New Teeth in One Day is the quality of the temporary restoration. The restoration can be custom-designed and crafted on-site using high-quality dental materials and precise digital imaging technology. This gives your temporary restoration the comfort, stability, and quality that are vital to ensuring proper healing of your jawbone around your dental implant posts. On the same day you receive your dental implant posts, your temporary restoration will allow you to begin enjoying your new smile immediately.

You can reduce the overall impacts of tooth loss

The longer it takes you to replace one or more lost teeth, the greater the impacts of the loss to your overall oral health. This is why replacing your lost teeth roots with dental implants as soon as possible is one of the best ways to preserve your smile after losing teeth. With New Teeth in One Day, the faster and more streamlined treatment process can help you complete your treatment and begin recovering from the effects of tooth loss sooner.

Learn more about New Teeth in One Day

With New Teeth in One Day, you can enjoy the benefits of dental implants faster and preserve your healthy, natural smile. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.