These days, modern dental bridge and dentures are designed with such realism that they’re nearly indistinguishable from the healthy, natural versions of the teeth they replace. Because of this, patients who wear a conventional bridge or denture may not always see the point in upgrading it to a dental implant-supported restoration. However, dental implants provide your restoration something more than just appearance; they mimic the way your natural teeth are supported by their healthy roots. Today, we explain why that consideration is worth exploring, and why more patients are benefiting from implanting their dental restorations with more like-like dental implant posts.

What your conventional bridge or denture needs

Conventional dental bridges are highly realistic in their appearance, but they’re only designed to replicate the visible structures of your teeth (known as your teeth’s crowns). This can do an excellent job of reestablishing your smile’s healthy appearance and much of your bite’s ability to function, but not of addressing the serious consequences of losing your teeth’s roots. Without a similar system of support, conventional restorations won’t remain steady and in place as long as most patients prefer, and they may need consistent readjustments to maintain their proper function.

The value of dental implant posts

When you implant your dental bridge or denture to your dental ridge with one or more root-like posts, you can eliminate the chances of your restoration losing its grip and shifting. However, the value in dental implant posts goes beyond steadying your restoration with greater stability. One of the reasons why dentures and bridges lose their grip is because the dental ridge that supports them loses bone mass and density after the loss of one or more teeth roots. These roots provided vital stimulation to the dental ridge, and by replacing them with dental implants, you can restore that stimulation and preserve the health and integrity of your dental ridge longer.

The benefits of a more lifelike restoration

Many of the advantages that make it worth implanting your dental restoration have to do with how your implants will restore and preserve more of your oral health and bite function. In addition to these long-term advantages, though, there are also several more immediate benefits that come with supporting your restoration better. For example, in addition to eliminating the risk of your restoration slipping and shifting, the improved support means your restoration can withstand much more of your bite’s pressure. You can enjoy a greater variety of your favorite foods more confidently and without damaging your restoration.

Learn if you should upgrade to dental implants

For better function, improved comfort, and a more lifelike solution to replacing your lost teeth, it’s worth anchoring your restoration with the help of one or more dental implants. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.