The change in your smile’s appearance after you lose one or more teeth is often motivation enough to replace them as soon as possible. When this impact is highly noticeable, it can have a significant influence on your facial appearance and self-confidence. While these concerns are important, replacing lost teeth matters more for your smile and quality of life than making your smile attractive again. Today, we examine why replacing lost teeth matters so much, and how choosing the right replacement can help you fully rebuild your smile.

The loss itself has negative consequences

Your teeth and oral structures are deeply connected in ways that may not be immediately obvious to the casual observer. Yet, those connections are an important source of the most destructive consequences of tooth loss. When those connections are lost, the impacts can range from other teeth shifting out of position and diminished bite function to the gradual loss of mass and density in your jaw and facial bone structures. If not addressed soon, these effects can lead to several other concerns, including heightened risks of losing one or more teeth and having to replace them, as well.

The problem won’t solve itself

Your teeth are unique in several aspects to the rest of your body. For example, the enamel that protects their visible crowns is the strongest substance that your body produces, and it’s made exclusively to protect your teeth from excess pressure, sensitivity, and harmful oral bacteria. Also, unlike the rest of your body, your tooth structure doesn’t heal when it’s been damaged or compromised, and it won’t grow back if the tooth is lost. The only way to solve the problem of tooth loss is actively address it by replacing the lost tooth. Doing so with the right dental implant restoration can help you prevent or mitigate many other consequences of tooth loss.

You can fully rebuild your smile

Because your teeth can’t replace themselves, restoring and rebuilding your smile requires actively replacing them with the right custom-designed restoration. For example, the dental implant posts that are inserted into your jawbone help restore the support and stimulation of your lost teeth roots. This can help you slow or stop the loss of density in your dental ridges, as well as provide your lifelike restoration with enhanced comfort, stability, and durability when you bite and chew.

Learn about replacing your lost teeth

If you experience tooth loss, then dealing with it is more important for your smile, and quality of life, than you might expect at first. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.