Month: June 2020

Are There Advantages to Small-Diameter Dental Implants?

Since they first became mainstream, dental implants have introduced an important level of variation in dental treatment. Their unique ability to replace your lost teeth roots means you have a choice in more lifelike restorations after you’ve lost one or more teeth. Typically, however, there hasn’t been much variation in the dental implant posts themselves…. Read more »

Consequences of Tooth Loss You Won’t Notice Right Away

Compared to common oral health concerns like a minor cavity or gingivitis, tooth loss isn’t exactly discreet. You’ll know when it occurs, and if you’re like many people who experience tooth loss, you’ll know right away that it’s important to address it by replacing the tooth. However, the visible impacts of tooth loss aren’t all… Read more »

Are Dental Implants Really the Best Thing for Your Smile?

Whether you’ve just experienced tooth loss or are faced with the need for tooth extraction, or you’ve lost one or more teeth long ago, dental implants could be the best thing for your smile. Unlike conventional replacement teeth, they can offer a more realistic way to replace your lost teeth and the way their roots… Read more »

Enjoying Your Implant Restoration in Just One Day

Many people who experience tooth loss recognize the advantages that come with a dental implant-supported tooth replacement. However, the process of receiving and restoring dental implants can sometimes seem too complicated, and the benefits of going through it may not be obvious to patients who’ve already replaced lost teeth with a conventional restoration. Today, we… Read more »

How to Streamline Your Dental Implant Treatment

The fact that dental implants are designed to replace lost teeth roots and, as such, require surgery to be placed can often make it seem like dental implant treatment must be complex out of necessity. During typical dental implant treatment, the process can involve visits to multiple dental offices to complete the different stages of… Read more »

When Restoring Your Smile Means Replacing a Tooth

In general dental health care, restoring a tooth can often be accomplished simply, and the benefits include restoring your smile’s health and integrity with optimal results. However, when you lose one or more teeth, restoring your smile means replacing them with the most lifelike tooth replacement options available. For many people who experience tooth loss,… Read more »

Minor Things that Lead to Higher Risks of Tooth Loss

When it comes to tooth loss, there are more potential causes of it than many people realize. Many of these causes are not immediately obvious, such as the progression of gum disease, and they can develop from seemingly minor things, like not brushing and flossing your teeth carefully enough. Today, we examine some things that… Read more »

How Does Gum Disease Impact Tooth Loss and Replacement?

If you haven’t lost any of your natural teeth, then the development of gum disease can become one of your biggest risk factors in doing so. That’s because gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss, and if it’s already developed, then it will continue to cause increasingly harm to your smile’s supportive structures…. Read more »

What Are the Biggest Benefits of Dental Implants?

Unlike more conventional tooth replacement options, dental implants are designed to give your dental restoration a similar level of support as your healthy, natural teeth. That means mimicking the way that your natural teeth roots function, and the way they stabilize your restoration when you bite and chew. The addition of dental implants to your… Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Tooth Extraction

The need for promptness is significant for most dental health treatments. Whatever your oral health concern is, allowing it to remain untreated will likely only allow it to grow worse. When the recommend treatment for your dental problem is tooth extraction, however, the need for prompt treatment is even more pronounced. Losing or extracting a… Read more »