For many people who’ve lost a tooth or have had one extracted, a dental bride has long been the most effective solution for replacing the tooth. Dental bridges support a lifelike tooth replacement, or pontic, that fills the space left in your smile after having lost a tooth. With the pontic securely in place, the bridge can restore your bite’s balance and much of its function, as well as improve your smile’s appearance. However, today, many tooth loss patients can benefit even more from rebuilding their smiles with a dental implant and crown, which can replicate your healthy, natural tooth structure with much more lifelike results.

Addressing single tooth loss

Whether you choose a dental bridge or dental implant and crown, it’s important to understand the importance of replacing a lost tooth in the first place. Besides the appearance of the missing tooth among the rest of your teeth, the loss can have several additional impacts on your bite, oral health, and more. For example, the overall balance of your bite relies on your upper and lower dental ridges having full, properly aligned rows of teeth. One or more spaces in these rows can disrupt the balance of your bite, which can lead to many other concerns with your remaining healthy, natural teeth.

The limitations of traditional bridges

Modern dental bridges are highly effective at restoring the balance of your bite as well as its healthy appearance, and their durable construction can often make them last for many years. However, there’s more to a tooth than meets the eye, and conventional bridges are limited in their ability to replace all of it. Most notably, traditional bridges lack a solution that replaces the root of your lost tooth, and can leave the socket within your jawbone where it rested empty. While restoring much of your bite function, the inability to address the loss of your tooth’s root makes dental bridges slightly less effective at fully restoring your smile.

Replacing a tooth with an implant and crown

For more comprehensive results, more tooth loss patients are choosing to rebuild their smiles with the help of dental implant-supported dental crowns, which are custom-designed to closely replicate the entire structure of your natural tooth. This includes the root, which is replaced with a biocompatible implant post made from titanium. Your jawbone structure heals to the implant post to support it in a way that’s similar to how it supports your healthy, natural teeth roots. Once the post is in place, it can support a custom-designed dental crown to create a complete root-and-crown replacement for your tooth.

Learn more about the benefits of dental implants

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