After losing one or a few teeth, many patients recognize the benefits of replacing them with the right dental implant-supported restoration. Replacing the one or several lost teeth roots with implant posts can give the restoration a significantly enhanced level of support and comfort. However, in cases of more severe tooth loss, the process of replacing a larger number of lost teeth roots can seem a lot more complicated. Fortunately, many people who experience severe or total tooth loss can benefit from dental implants in a more minimally invasive manner than they expect.

The compounding problems of tooth loss

Many oral health conditions are progressive, meaning their severity and impact on your oral health grow increasingly worse over time. Tooth loss is similar in that the loss of a tooth’s root and crown structure can have several increasingly worse consequences on your oral health. That includes diminishing bite function and a loss of mass and density in your jawbone structure where the teeth roots are no longer present. When all or almost all of the healthy teeth on your dental ridge are lost, the impacts on your oral health become exponentially more severe.

The comprehensive benefits of dental implants

Dental implants have become a prominent tooth replacement option specifically because of their ability to replicate and replace healthy, natural teeth roots. When a dental implant post is placed, the jawbone structure around it heals to the post’s surface, making it nearly as secure as your healthy teeth roots. The immediate advantages of this support include a more stable and comfortable dental restoration that doesn’t shift or move uncomfortably. In the long-term, replacing your lost teeth roots helps stem some of the more destructive consequences of tooth loss, including the diminished strength and integrity of the jawbone structure where they once rested.

The need for implants after severe tooth loss

After losing one tooth root, the effects of the loss can begin to impact your oral health immediately. The problem with severe tooth loss is that these impacts become much more severe, much faster. One of the most significant advantages of using dental implants to address more severe tooth loss is helping to preserve the oral and jawbone structures that are impacted by the loss of your teeth roots. For instance, with a dental implant-supported restoration, you can regain much more of your bite’s function as well as restore the stimulation that your smile’s foundation depends on to remain strong and healthy.

Learn how dental implants address severe tooth loss

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