Many people who experience tooth loss recognize the advantages that come with a dental implant-supported tooth replacement. However, the process of receiving and restoring dental implants can sometimes seem too complicated, and the benefits of going through it may not be obvious to patients who’ve already replaced lost teeth with a conventional restoration. Today, we examine the benefits of New Teeth in One Day, and how they can help you enjoy your more comfortable and lifelike dental implant restoration in a more minimally invasive manner than you might expect.

What are New Teeth in One Day?

New Teeth in One Day is a process that involves carefully planning and performing your dental implant placement, then restoring them with a lifelike restoration on the same day. This requires centralizing the entire dental implant treatment process in one office, and the use of advanced digital technology to design and craft your temporary restoration in a single visit. Once your dental implant posts are strategically placed within your jawbone, the temporary restoration can be secured to the posts. The temporary restoration will serve to restore your smile’s appearance and your bite’s function as your jawbone heals to the implant posts, and until your permanent restoration can be affixed in its place.

The advantages of New Teeth in One Day

Centralizing and simplifying the dental implant treatment process into a more minimally invasive procedure is one of the  key advantages of New Teeth in One Day. Because everything occurs within the same office, there’s no need for you to visit multiple different locations throughout the course of your dental implant treatment. Also, the ability to restore your dental implants in just one day means you can enjoy your new smile faster, and the quality of the restoration helps ensure the success of your dental ridge healing to the implant posts.

Is same-day implant restoration right for you?

If you’ve experienced tooth loss to any degree, then the addition of dental implant posts to your restoration can have several important benefits to your oral health, bite function, and more. For example, the posts act as teeth roots for your restoration, giving it a more stable foundation of support when you bite and chew with it. This holds true for your temporary restoration as well as your permanent one, so you can begin to enjoy these benefits as soon as you receive your dental implants. In addition, the implant posts can help better preserve your smile’s foundation by reestablishing stimulation in your jawbone structure.

Learn more about New Teeth in One Day

With a high-quality temporary restoration, you can enjoy your new implant-supported smile in just a single day. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.