The fact that dental implants are designed to replace lost teeth roots and, as such, require surgery to be placed can often make it seem like dental implant treatment must be complex out of necessity. During typical dental implant treatment, the process can involve visits to multiple dental offices to complete the different stages of your treatment, such as placing your implant posts and restoring them with a lifelike restoration. At our office, however, we’re dedicated to helping patients enjoy the benefits of dental implant-supported restorations in a more conservative and minimally invasive manner. Today, we explore how we streamline your dental implant treatment, such as performing every step of the process in-house.

Performing the entire procedure in-house

The ability to plan, design, place, and restore your dental implants all under the same roof is one of the most significant ways in which we streamline your dental implant treatment. This eliminates the need for many patients to have to visit multiple offices throughout the course of their treatment. Using advanced imaging technology, we can analyze your oral health and jawbone integrity to plan the most appropriate dental implant treatment, using the results to create a surgical guide for your dental implant placement. We also place your dental implants and craft your restoration on-site, including temporary restorations that can be placed on your dental implants the same day.

Providing same-day restoration of implants

After your dental implant posts have been strategically placed within your jawbone structure, it can take up to 3-6 months for the surrounding bone structure to completely heal to the implant posts. During that time, however, you can enjoy your newly restored smile thanks to a high-quality temporary restoration that we can design, craft, and place on your implant posts the same day as your dental implant placement procedure. The temporary restoration will be crafted from highly lifelike and durable dental material that offers optimal results and protection for your implants during the healing process.

Customizing smaller dental implant posts

For some patients who receive dental implants, certain circumstances may require additional treatment to prepare for the implant placement procedure. For example, if you’ve lost significant mass and density in your jawbone structure where you’ve experienced tooth loss, then jawbone grafting might be required to strengthen it to receive your dental implants. However, we can help reduce the need for grafting, or help patients avoid it altogether, with minimally invasive treatment techniques such as the use of small-diameter dental implants. The smaller, thinner implant posts can be placed within areas of your jawbone that may have less mass and density than they used to, while allowing the bone structure to successfully bond to them.

Benefit from minimally invasive dental implant treatment

With an in-house dental lab, an array of advanced dental technology, and extensive experience in implant dentistry, we can rebuild your smile with more minimally invasive dental implant treatment. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.