Month: June 2020

Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Tooth Extraction

The need for promptness is significant for most dental health treatments. Whatever your oral health concern is, allowing it to remain untreated will likely only allow it to grow worse. When the recommend treatment for your dental problem is tooth extraction, however, the need for prompt treatment is even more pronounced. Losing or extracting a… Read more »

What Recovering from Tooth Loss Might Mean

When it comes to recovering from tooth loss, replacing your lost or extracted teeth is the obvious method of restoring your smile and most of your bite function. However, tooth loss can have several impacts on your oral health beyond the loss of your teeth and their roots. The longer your teeth remain lost without… Read more »

3 Goals when Replacing Your Lost Teeth

Restoring your smile means something different depending on what your specific oral health concerns are. When you’ve lost one or more teeth, however, it typically means replacing your lost teeth as soon as possible, and with the right, custom-designed and implant-supported dental restoration. Restoring a smile that’s lost one or more teeth involves more than… Read more »

Important Factors in Your Dental Implants’ Success

Recovering from tooth loss can be different for everyone. With a wide range of factors that can influence the health and integrity of the rest of your smile, fully restoring your smile means replacing as much of your health tooth structure as possible, as well as addressing the factors that may have led to the… Read more »

Understanding Tooth Loss a Little Better

Despite the fact that tooth loss is a relatively obvious oral health condition, the circumstances surrounding it aren’t always fully understood. For example, if you’ve known many people who’ve lost at least one tooth, then you might assume it’s something that everyone will experience at some point in their lives. However, if you don’t know… Read more »

What Dental Implants Can Mean for Your Smile in the Long Run

Replacing lost or extracted teeth is an immediate need. The longer your smile remains with empty spaces in your dentition, the longer the loss of your teeth can create additional concerns with your health. However, the considerations that go into replacing your lost teeth, and the consequences that replacing them has on your oral health,… Read more »

The Bright Side of Tooth Extraction

Knowing that tooth loss can often be the worst-case scenario for many dental health problems, the fact that they need tooth extraction can often be devastating to some patients. Even if they expected that extracting a tooth might be necessary, the loss of the tooth structure can still have a devastating impact on the rest… Read more »

Maintaining Your Dental Implant Restoration

The goal of replacing your lost teeth and their roots with a dental implant restoration is to improve the long-term health and integrity of your smile, as well as restore its immediate appearance and function. Dental implants accomplish this goal more effectively than traditional restorations thanks to their unique design, which allows them to mimic… Read more »

What Replacing Lost Teeth Could Help You Avoid

Replacing lost or extracted teeth has several obvious benefits to your smile and oral health. For example, the appearance of your smile can be whole and healthy again, and your bite can feel comfortable when you bite and chew again. However, there are also several important, but less obvious, reasons for replacing lost teeth as… Read more »

Dental Bridges vs. Dental Implant Crowns

For many people who’ve lost a tooth or have had one extracted, a dental bride has long been the most effective solution for replacing the tooth. Dental bridges support a lifelike tooth replacement, or pontic, that fills the space left in your smile after having lost a tooth. With the pontic securely in place, the… Read more »