Knowing that tooth loss can often be the worst-case scenario for many dental health problems, the fact that they need tooth extraction can often be devastating to some patients. Even if they expected that extracting a tooth might be necessary, the loss of the tooth structure can still have a devastating impact on the rest of their teeth, the surrounding oral structures, and the rest of their oral health. Fortunately, for many people who need tooth extraction, the procedure doesn’t have to negatively impact their smiles in the way they expect. In fact, in many cases, extracting the compromised tooth could be the first step in successfully rebuilding and restoring their smiles.

Tooth extraction is usually conservative

Sometimes, the prospect of tooth extraction can seem like more of a burden than it seems. The process of extracting the tooth can itself seem like more of an extensive procedure than it actually is. Yet, with the use of advanced dental technologies and techniques, and the ability to highly personalized every treatment plan, we can often make tooth extraction much more conservative, comfortable, and convenient than expected. This includes our ability to perform surgical tooth extraction in-house, when necessary, such as to remove an impacted wisdom tooth, a tooth with a fractured root, or more.

It makes way for a better smile restoration

With a compromised tooth out of the way, the most immediate benefit is that any threat it might have posed to your oral health will be removed, as well. For example, if the tooth is impacted, then it will no longer be able to push against your other teeth or cause substantial levels of discomfort. For most teeth, removing the structure also makes way for a custom-designed, highly lifelike replacement, such as a dental implant-supported crown, to restore your bite’s function. Dental implants can help reestablish most of the your tooth’s functions, including stimulating your jawbone with the help of an implanted, root-like post.

You can replace the tooth the same day

If your tooth extraction should be followed up by replacing the tooth, then our in-house capabilities mean you can remove the tooth and replace it with a dental implant all in just a single visit. This helps you enjoy your newly restored smile faster and reduce the chances of the tooth’s absence having a negative impact on your smile and oral health.

Learn more about tooth extraction

If you need tooth extraction, then the bright side is that it can pave the way for more successful and highly lifelike smile restoration. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.