Replacing lost or extracted teeth is an immediate need. The longer your smile remains with empty spaces in your dentition, the longer the loss of your teeth can create additional concerns with your health. However, the considerations that go into replacing your lost teeth, and the consequences that replacing them has on your oral health, are often a much longer-term concern. The benefit of dental implants is that they’re better able to restore your smile following tooth loss, including addressing the long-term impacts of tooth loss to preserve your healthy oral and facial structures.

Fewer dental visits to maintain your restoration

Conventional dental restorations, such as custom-designed bridges and dentures, can closely mimic much of your healthy, natural tooth structure, but lack the support that natural teeth roots provide. This can lead to a lower level of stability than your healthy teeth, and as a result, your restoration may need routine readjustments or replacements as they become worn and loose their grip. With dental implants supporting your restoration, it won’t be able to move, shift, or lose its grip, which means you won’t need to schedule as many dental visits or replace your restoration as often.

More lifelike function of your replacement teeth

The diminished stability that conventional supportive methods provide conventional bridges and dentures means that the traditional restorations are often limited in how much of your bite’s function they can restore. Less stability means that your replacement teeth won’t be able to support as much of your bite pressure, limiting the variety of foods you can safely bite and chew without damaging it. By supporting your restoration on root-like dental implant posts, you can enjoy better and more stable bite function, as well as safely enjoy more of your favorite foods.

Better preservation of your oral and facial structures

The support of your teeth roots is important to more than just your teeth. They also stimulate and sustain the bone structure in your dental ridges, which can lose mass and density after the loss of one or more teeth roots. Over time, this can lead to visible effects in the oral and facial structures surrounding your smile, a condition often referred to as facial collapse. Restoring this stimulation is a vital component of dental implant restorations, and with the root-like implant posts stimulating your dental ridge, you have a better chance of preventing facial collapse.

Enjoy the long-term benefits of dental implants

Dental implants have several advantages that have profound impacts on the long-term health and integrity of your smile. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.