When it comes to recovering from tooth loss, replacing your lost or extracted teeth is the obvious method of restoring your smile and most of your bite function. However, tooth loss can have several impacts on your oral health beyond the loss of your teeth and their roots. The longer your teeth remain lost without being replaced, the greater some of these impacts can be, and in some cases, restoring your smile could require addressing them, as well.

Replacing your lost tooth or teeth

For many tooth loss patients, the good news is that addressing the loss by replacing their lost teeth as soon as possible can help them minimize any additional consequences to their oral health. This means that receiving the right custom-designed, dental implant-supported restoration may be all they need to fully recover from the loss. Dental implants often provide the most comprehensive and lifelike solution to replacing lost teeth due to their ability to replace your lost teeth roots and their crowns. This allows you to regain more of the vital functions of your lost teeth and their roots, and provide better results in preventing many of the other consequences of tooth loss.

Restoring your bite’s proper alignment

If tooth loss remains unaddressed long enough, one of the more notable effects on your oral health can be the changing alignment and positions of your remaining healthy teeth. This can occur due to the change in your bite’s pressure when you bite and chew, which results from the empty space or spaces created in your dental ridge. Depending on the severity of this shift, restoring your smile may require straightening the teeth that have grown out of alignment as well as replacing the teeth that have been lost or extracted.

Repairing teeth that have become damaged

When your bite becomes imbalanced due to tooth loss, some teeth may shift out of alignment, and others may experience heightened risks of becoming damaged due to the uneven bite pressure. One or more teeth may wear down, or become fractured or broken, which can create several additional problems for your overall oral health. In addition to replacing your missing teeth, restoring your smile could also require repairing the damage that one or more of your remaining healthy teeth have sustained in the meantime.

Learn how to fully recover from tooth loss

Replacing your lost tooth or teeth may be only one aspect of fully recovering from the effects of tooth loss. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.