Before dental implants became a routine part of restoring smiles, more conventional restorations such as dental bridges and dentures already provided highly lifelike results for rebuilding smiles. After losing one or more teeth, the appropriate restoration could be designed using highly biocompatible and lifelike materials, such as dental porcelain, to closely mimic your healthy, natural tooth structure. However, dental implants provided an essential advantage that wasn’t possible before – the ability to replace the roots of your lost teeth and offer your restoration similar support. Today, we examine three important ways your smile benefits from dental implants, and why increasingly more people are choosing them to fully restore their smiles.

It regains stimulation in its foundation

The ability to support your natural teeth as they bite and chew your food is only one function of your healthy, natural teeth roots. This is an important function, but so are its others, such as stimulating your jawbone structure when you bite and chew, as well. Any healthy bone structure needs stimulation to remain strong and healthy, but your jawbone structure loses some it when one or more teeth roots are lost. With an appropriate number of dental implants supporting it, your restoration can reestablish this stimulation and help prevent further complications with your smile and oral health.

It functions better and with greater stability

In addition to stimulating your jawbone, having implanted posts support your restoration also gives your bridge or denture a much higher level of stability. This means you can enjoy more of your favorite foods, including crunchy fruits and vegetables, without worrying about damaging your restoration. It also means that your bridge or denture won’t lose its grip over time, which is a common occurrence with more traditional dental restorations. The improved stability can help enhance the long-term function of your bridge or denture.

It doesn’t need to sacrifice healthy tooth structure

To support a traditional dental bridge, the supportive crowns on either side of the bridge have to be affixed to the healthy teeth that are close the empty space in your smile. While this can provide some level of stability, it also involves modifying some of your remaining healthy tooth structure. Dental implants help you avoid this by providing root-like anchors to support your replacement teeth on, allowing you to preserve more of your healthy natural tooth structure.

Learn how your smile benefits from dental implants

When you replace your lost teeth roots with dental implants, the restoration that they support can benefit your smile in several additional, and highly important, ways. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.