Tooth extraction isn’t typically part of restoring a smile that experiences a dental health issue. However, there are times when it’s necessary, and when it is, it’s important to remember the need for extracting a tooth should never be taken lightly. Today, we explain why tooth extraction can sometimes be required, and why saving the tooth may not be an option. We’ll also explain how you can fully restore your smile afterward by replacing the extracted tooth with a dental implant restoration.

Why does the tooth have to be extracted?

Extracting a tooth is often considered a last resort option, and is usually only recommended in cases of severe injury, infection, or other compromised condition of a tooth. The point of extracting it isn’t just to remove the tooth that’s been compromised, but also any potential threat that the damaged or infected tooth structure might pose to the rest of your oral health. However, the reason tooth extraction isn’t recommended when the tooth can be saved is because the tooth’s loss can also have significant consequences for your long-term oral health.

Are there options for restoring the tooth?

When a tooth is damaged or compromised to less severe degrees, it can often be saved with an appropriate, custom-designed restoration. For example, even a severely fractured tooth might be successfully restored by having a custom-made dental crown placed over it. However, severe conditions that make it impossible to save the tooth and restore its proper function can often create additional concerns for your oral health. Because the tooth can’t be saved, the next important goal is to remove the threat so your dentist or oral health specialist can replace the tooth and restore your smile.

Is there a way to restore the tooth’s full function?

Tooth extraction means removing all of a tooth’s structure, including its crown and the root that rests below the gums. The loss of this root structure is one of the more significant problems with tooth loss, as it can have a diminishing impact on the integrity of your jawbone and other oral structures. If your tooth must be extracted, then restoring your smile’s health and function could require replacing the tooth and its root with a dental implant and crown.

Learn more about the need for tooth extraction

The need for tooth extraction can sometimes be confusing, but personalized treatment and the right tooth replacement can help your smile recover more fully than you expect. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.