As dental implants have grown increasingly more popular over the last several decades, more patients have experienced the advantages of utilizing them to support their replacement teeth. However, not everyone who loses one or more teeth chooses to replace them with dental implants at first. The advantage of utilizing dental implants is that, by replacing your lost teeth roots, you can prevent the consequences of losing them. This includes a loss of mass and density in your jawbone structure over time. Patients who have dealt with tooth loss for years before choosing dental implants can sometimes be faced with the challenge of a weaker jawbone, and may benefit from small-diameter dental implant posts.

What small-diameter implants mean

Small-diameter dental implants are just what they sound like – dental implant posts that are designed and crafted to be smaller in diameter than traditional dental implant posts. The smaller diameter is the only difference, however, as the implant posts are still crafted from biocompatible titanium to facilitate osseointegration with your jawbone structure. Yet, because they’re thinner and smaller, the implant posts can be successfully placed in areas of jawbone structure that may have lost some mass and density due to missing teeth roots.

When should dental implants be smaller?

For many people who’ve experienced some loss of their jawbone’s mass and density, small-diameter dental implants are not the only solution. For instance, many people can benefit from jawbone grafting to bolster the strength and integrity of the bone structure before receiving traditional dental implant posts. However, it’s preferable to minimize the extent of treatment in most cases, and with the use of smaller-diameter dental implants, we can often help patients avoid the need for surgical bone grafting. If grafting is still necessary, then the use of small-diameter implant posts will help minimize the extent of the surgery.

How to benefit from streamlined implant treatment

In addition to providing small-diameter dental implant posts for patients who can benefit from them, our goal is to simplify your entire dental implant placement procedure, regardless of your treatment needs. This includes having the ability to plan and place your dental implants in our office, as well as use advanced technology to create your highly lifelike restoration on-site. Our combination of extensive experience, technology, and streamlined treatment options allow us to further simplify the process of placing and restoring your small-diameter dental implants.

Learn more about small-diameter dental implants

For some patients, the use of small-diameter dental implant posts can offer substantial benefits to streamlining the overall dental implant treatment process. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.