When you’ve lost most or all of the healthy, functional teeth on your dental ridge, the impacts can be significant, and spread to nearly every aspect of your life. Fortunately, many patients can bounce back successfully from such loss with the help of a custom-designed, full-arch restoration that replaces all of their lost teeth with lifelike, durable replacements. Today, we examine how dental implants can further improve the advantages of a full-arch restoration, and explore a few ways implants can boost your denture’s performance.

The difference between implants and dentures

Dental implants aren’t specific to modern dentures. The biocompatible posts, which are designed to replace your lost teeth roots, are made to support any size restoration in a way that’s similar to how healthy teeth are supported by their roots. When used to support a denture or full-arch restoration, however, the value of dental implants are significant. Every lost tooth root has an impact on your jawbone and oral structures, and replacing them can have significant benefits. These include the preservation of your jawbone structure, which can suffer by losing mass and density after it’s lost a significant number of teeth roots.

The implications of not having teeth roots

Losing your teeth’s roots can have several long-term impacts on your jawbone structure. Particularly, the loss can result in a diminished level of stimulation and a resulting reduction in minerals and nutrients. The more teeth roots you’ve lost, the greater this impact can be, which is why dental implants can be an especially important addition to your full-arch restoration. To help avoid this degradation and preserve more of your healthy oral and facial structures, it may be best to utilize dental implants to support your replacement teeth.

The improvements that come with dental implants

When a denture or other restoration is supported by dental implants, the stability and comfort of the restoration are significantly enhanced. For instance, your replacement teeth will be able to bite and chew a wider variety of foods. The restoration won’t shift or move, either, because the implants anchor it in place. In terms of preserving your oral health, dental implants also help slow or stop the loss of mass and density in your jawbone that could result in many other oral health concerns over time.

Learn more about dental implant dentures

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