Tooth loss affects a lot of people to at least some degree by the time they reach their later years. For many people, the overall state of their oral health depends largely on their response to losing one or more teeth and the quality of the restoration they choose to replace them. However, despite the fact that tooth loss is common, there are many instance in which it can be prevented. With the right care and maintenance, many people have a good chance of preventing tooth loss altogether and avoiding the need for a dental implant restoration.

Know what causes it

Before you can successfully prevent tooth loss, you have to understand what can cause it. For example, many people lose a tooth or have to have one extracted due to severe gum disease, which doesn’t directly affect their tooth structure. Instead, gum disease erodes the structures that support teeth, and tooth loss results from the extensive damage to these tissues and structures. If you have gum disease, or if you’re at risk for it, then it may be one of the biggest factors for you to protect your oral health from.

Know your specific risk factors

Having gum disease is a significant risk factor in experiencing tooth loss, but it isn’t the only reason why tooth loss occurs for adults. Other conditions, such as accidental trauma to one or more teeth, may also lead to the loss of a tooth. By carefully assessing your oral health and factors that can impact it, you and your dentist can more successfully pinpoint your specific risk factors for tooth loss. Once you do, you can develop and stick to a plan to optimize your oral health and keep these factors under control. Being diligent will also help you address tooth loss faster and more successfully if it does occur, which can help you avoid many of the more serious consequences of tooth loss.

Know what to do if you do lose a tooth

Preventing tooth loss, or preventing it from severely impacting your oral health, largely requires preparation. You must be prepared to identify your risk factors, as well as to address them specifically. You should also be prepared to react if you do experience tooth loss, or if tooth extraction becomes a necessity to deal with a specific oral health concern. For many people, the best way to address tooth loss is to replace the lost tooth with a dental implant restoration, which replaces both the root and the crown structures of your lost tooth.

Learn more about tooth loss

In many cases, tooth loss is highly preventable with the right level of dental care and maintenance. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.