The benefits of dental implants can vary depending on your specific case of tooth loss, and the unique concerns surrounding it. However, they’re often the optimal solution for helping people recover from tooth loss, rebuilding their smiles, and restoring their healthy bite function. This is because dental implants offer your smile something traditional restorations are unable to – the ability to replace your lost teeth roots and their function for the rest of your oral health. Today, we examine why this matters and the specific ways in which dental implants can help your smile rebound from tooth loss.

When a tooth has to be extracted

The loss of a tooth can occur in many different ways, but in several of them, the condition results in the need to extract a tooth before it’s lost on its own. This may lead to several considerations about the loss of the tooth structure and how it can impact your oral health moving forward. For many patients who need to extract a tooth, the best way to preserve their smiles afterward is to replace it with a dental implant and crown. At our office, we can perform tooth extraction and replacement with a dental implant all in the same day to help you restore your smile faster.

When you lose a tooth before you can save it

For certain oral health concerns, such as accidental trauma or a case of severe periodontal disease, tooth loss can occur before you seek treatment to save it, or are able to. The conditions resulting in your tooth loss can have a significant influence on your plan for rebuilding your smile. Yet, after addressing the concern, the most beneficial thing for your smile may be to replace the tooth with a dental implant restoration. The implant posts will replace your lost teeth roots and support your restoration with optimal stability, helping you regain more of your bite’s full function.

When you want a more stable restoration

Replacing a tooth with a dental implant as soon as it’s lost or extracted is the best way to restore your smile before the loss can have a significant impact on your oral health. However, even if you’ve already replaced a lost tooth with a more conventional restoration, you can still benefit greatly from the benefits of dental implants. Upgrading a current restoration with an appropriate number of dental implant posts can help you preserve the rest of your healthy smile and oral structures, as well as improve the overall function, comfort, and stability of your replacement teeth.

Learn if you should get dental implants

If you’ve lost a tooth, have had one extracted, or want to improve the stability of your restoration, then learn if you should get dental implants. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.