The best dental treatments are the ones that you don’t notice, and when it comes to replacing one or more lost teeth, that can have several different implications. When you lose a tooth, the impacts to your oral health can be significant, especially the ones that aren’t immediately obvious. The most effective way to avoid these impacts to replace the tooth with a restoration that’s able to fully reestablish the tooth’s health and function. With a dental implant post, your restoration can do this more effectively by replicating your healthy tooth’s entire structure, including root that supports it.

What replacing a lost tooth means for your smile

When you restore a tooth that’s compromised, but still remains in your dental ridge, the goal is to help the remaining tooth structure regain its ability to function properly. That means strengthening the structure and, if necessary, repairing it to restore its optimal size, shape, and contour. However, when you replace a tooth that’s lost completely, restoring the tooth’s function is a more complex process. There is no tooth root or healthy structure remaining to support a restoration. Dental implants help provide this support, making it easier to restore your smile, your good oral health, and your bite’s function for the long run.

How implants mimic your complete tooth structure

Replacing a lost tooth root isn’t something that all replacement teeth are able to accomplish. Fortunately, modern restorations are able to closely mimic the visible parts of your lost teeth (known as the crowns) in order to restore much of your bite’s function. With dental implants, however, the function of your restoration is supported by root-like anchors that offer optimal levels of stability, similar to that provided by healthy, natural teeth roots. This also avoids the need to support your replacement teeth by modifying other healthy teeth, or relying on clasps or adhesives.

The lifelike results that dental implants offer

The ability to replace your lost teeth roots does more than make your restoration more lifelike in its support. It also enables your replacement teeth to restore more of the vital functions that your healthy, natural teeth are responsible for. For instance, when your restoration is stabilized by implants, you can enjoy a greater variety of foods without your restoration shifting or becoming excessively worn. Implants also reestablish the functions of your teeth roots, such as promoting a healthy flow of minerals and nutrients to preserve your jawbone’s health and integrity.

Learn about restoring your smile with dental implants

The more lifelike results that dental implants offer when replacing your lost teeth can have several advantages for your oral health. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.