Dental emergencies aren’t exactly common, and when they occur, there’s often an option for treating the emergency in a way that helps you preserve all of your healthy, natural teeth. However, the most important goal of most dental emergencies is to treat your condition as soon as possible, and in a way that helps you protect all of your oral health and bite function. In some cases, this might only be possible by extracting the tooth that’s been affected and replacing it with a custom-designed restoration.

What an emergency situation means for your tooth

Dental emergencies are never exactly the same, even when the situation is similar. For instance, damage to a tooth might occur due to a traumatic injury to the tooth, or because it’s been consistently exposed to excessive pressure, such as if you constantly grind your teeth. The damage itself may be significant and severely weaken the tooth, or it be minor at first and seemingly of little concern. In some extreme cases, however, the damage to a tooth might be too extreme to restore, or the force of an impact might force the tooth’s root out of its socket within your jawbone.

Deciding if extraction is the best thing

When a dental emergency occurs, the need for prompt action is an important one. The situation is often one in which your tooth is in immediate danger, and if not addressed promptly, you may end up losing the tooth. However, some dental emergencies can be so severe that the tooth has to be extracted for the good of your oral health. Determining if this is necessary is an important part of your emergency dental treatment, as waiting could lead to more serious concerns for your oral health.

Completing your treatment by replacing the tooth

One of the biggest considerations with tooth extraction is dealing with the loss of your natural tooth structure once the procedure is complete. Removing a severely compromised tooth may only be the first step in your overall smile restoration plan. To complete it, we may suggest replacing the tooth as soon as possible. Preferably, we can replace the tooth the same day that we extract it, using a biocompatible dental implant post and custom-designed, lifelike dental restoration.

Learn if your emergency calls for tooth extraction

The nature of some dental emergencies can leave a tooth so severely compromised that extracting and replacing it could be the only viable way to address it. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.