The nature of dental implants can make it difficult to imagine them being minimally invasive. By design, dental implant posts are made to be inserted into your jawbone structure, which requires oral surgery, then restored with a custom-designed restoration. However, conventional dental implant treatment processes leave room for improvement in a few key areas. In improving these areas, we can help make your dental implant treatment minimally invasive compared to more traditional dental implant and restoration.

Combining implant placement and restoration

One of the most significant ways in which we can streamline dental implant treatment is by combining implant placement surgery and the restoration of your implants all under one roof. Traditionally, these processes were performed at separate offices, with a period of up to 3-6 months between them. By contrast, our office is fully equipped to perform every step of dental implant treatment, from planning their placement to performing implant surgery and, finally, designing and placing your custom restoration onto your implant posts. This ability also allows us to place a high-quality temporary restoration on the same day that we place your dental implant posts so you can enjoy your new smile in just one day.

Being involved in your dental implant treatment

The ability to complete all of your dental implant treatment in one office has several additional benefits besides making your treatment process more convenient. For example, because we can plan your implant treatment and control each subsequent phase of it in one office, you have a greater opportunity to be more involved in each step of your treatment process. This includes being able to see the results of your treatment digitally, before the process even begins, and choosing specialized implants such as small-diameter implant posts to further minimize the extent of your treatment.

Utilizing technology to minimize the extent of treatment

The use of specialized dental implant posts, advanced digital imaging technology, and in-house dental implant expertise are essential to making your entire smile restoration process minimally invasive. The basis of this goal is our investment in advanced dental implant technologies and our fully equipped in-house dental laboratory. If you’ve experienced tooth loss and want to rebuild your smile conveniently with dental implants, then receiving in-house dental implant treatment can be the first step in making your smile restoration minimally invasive.

Learn more about minimally invasive implant treatment

Receiving a dental implant restoration is a highly involved process, but with our expertise and advanced technology, we can make it a minimally invasive one. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.