When a person loses a tooth, they can have an easier time moving forward with prosthetic dental work when they act promptly to have their full smile restored. There are several issues that can affect a person who lets an extended period of time pass between tooth loss and prosthetic treatment. One concern is that your jawbone will deteriorate over time when you are missing teeth. As that deterioration occurs, it can become difficult to place traditional dental implants. Fortunately, mini dental implants can help those who have less support due to the loss of mass in their jaw. Our Fort Worth, TX practice has considerable experience when it comes to procedures that involve the placement of dental implants. We can talk to you about whether you might benefit from the use of mini implants instead of the conventional alternative.

Has Jawbone Deterioration Affected You?

When you lose teeth, you can have problems with more than just your appearance. Your losses take away stimulation that maintains the movement of nutrients to your jawbone. Losing that stimulation, which normally occurs when you bite and chew, leads to a loss of density that can affect your oral health and appearance. Unfortunately, it can often lead to problems that affect your ability to have your smile restored with dental implants. Because mini dental implants occupy less space, and require less support from your jaw, we can use them to give you back your complete smile without the need to perform a bone grafting treatment. Mini implants also offer shorter and easier healing periods, which can be appreciated.

Using Mini Dental Implants In Your Treatment

While mini implants are not as large as traditional implants, they are capable of holding a restoration in position and supporting your ability to bite and chew. With their smaller size, they can be placed when implants of the standard size might have insufficient support. The use of mini implants, as well as small diameter implants, help us move forward with plans to give someone back their full smile without frustrating delays. We also aid in this through our use of same-day implant restorations, which ensure that you have a prosthetic tooth in position on the same day you receive your implant!

Enjoying Life With Your Restored Smile!

When making plans to restore a person’s smile, our goals cover more than just giving them back their complete smile. Mini implants and small diameter implants are strong enough to keep teeth secure when you eat, which means you can start enjoying foods that were difficult to enjoy when your smile was not complete. The stimulation from biting and chewing will return stimulation to your jawbone, which can protect you from further problems with deterioration.

Discuss Mini Dental Implants At The Dental Implant Place!

At The Dental Implant Place, patients can meet with Dr. Steve Brown to learn how they can once again show off a full, attractive smile after suffering tooth loss! To find out more, you can call our practice in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.