With dental implant support, a person who has experienced tooth loss can enjoy a confidence boost as well as better support for biting and chewing. If you have looked into this work in the past, you may have been informed that this process of restoring your smile would require a frustrating waiting period before a replacement tooth could be secured. Our practice in Fort Worth, TX can cut out this frustrating wait by providing the same-day placement of a replacement tooth when you receive your implant! This ensures that you are not left waiting through a healing period before seeing your smile complete again. Because we are able to provide every step of your smile restoration, we can make your overall experience with prosthetic work more convenient than you believe possible!

Other Practices Leave Patients Waiting For Their Implant To Be Restored

Many practices are ready to discuss implant placement and restoration services with patients. However, they can require you to move between several offices, and go through a frustrating waiting period, before the work is completed. We are prepared to go through every step of your smile restoration, which can make the process more convenient. One big advantage to our approach is that we can send you home after your implant placement with a restoration already secured, covering the implant and closing your smile gap!

We Can Address Every Step Of Your Smile Restoration At Our Office

Thanks to Dr. Brown’s experience with and knowledge of the implant placement process, our patients can see exciting results in shorter periods than they think possible. In addition to offering new teeth in a day, we can help you start the process of replacing an unhealthy tooth sooner by performing a tooth extraction and implant placement in one day. The benefits of prompt prosthetic dental work go beyond the excitement of seeing your smile restored sooner. Over time, people who suffer tooth loss are vulnerable to jawbone resorption. When the roots of teeth are no longer present, there is no stimulation from biting and chewing to keep the bone healthy. Putting off treatment for any reason can lead to a loss of density that slows down your restoration, as it may be necessary to perform bone grafting to ensure successful implant placement.

The Long-Term Benefits Of Prosthetic Work Supported With Implants

When you have your smile restored with dental implants, you can have more confidence whenever you bite, chew, and speak. Your improved bite support helps you maintain a healthier, more varied diet, which has lasting value for your general well-being. You also protect yourself against jawbone deterioration, a problem that can affect your oral health as well as your appearance.

Arrange Your Smile Restoration With The Dental Implant Place!

At The Dental Implant Place, patients who speak with Dr. Steve Brown can learn about the exciting, long-lasting benefits of restorative dentistry featuring dental implant support. If you are ready to learn more, call The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.