It is often possible to treat dental problems without extracting or replacing teeth. So why is a tooth extraction sometimes called for after a review of a person’s smile? Sometimes, a tooth’s health is simply too poor to make saving it an option. In this situation, extracting it and making plans to restore your smile with a dental prosthetic will preserve your oral health and appearance. Our Fort Worth, TX practice is actually able to make this process more convenient. Through our same-day tooth extraction procedure, we can schedule both the extraction of your tooth and the placement of a dental implant. In addition to making your care more convenient, this can have a positive effect on the bone’s healing and fusing with the implant.

What Is The Purpose Of A Tooth Extraction?

In some situations, there will not be a way to restore a person’s oral health without extracting their tooth. After significant damage occurs, or a severe cavity affects your dental health, there may be no other way to move forward until the tooth is no longer present. This is beneficial because a replacement tooth can improve your appearance when a tooth is not able to be restored through the placement of a dental crown. It also helps by stopping the potential spread of bacteria from a badly decayed tooth.

Arranging A Same-Day Tooth Extraction

By scheduling a same-day extraction, we can limit the time you spend without your complete smile. Because we are able to take every step of the implant restoration journey with our patients, we can work out the details of your smile restoration with you. Once your tooth has been safely removed, we can take the next step and place the implant in the space where roots were housed. After this occurs, we can prepare for the next steps, which will see the implant restored with a lifelike prosthetic tooth.

Dental Implants Can Have Lasting Benefits For Those Affected By Tooth Loss

With dental implants, we are able to keep lifelike prosthetic restorations in their proper places. The stability of these appliances will allow you to bite, chew, and speak with a remarkable degree of comfort. Over time, the stimulation created by dental implants helps protect a patient’s jaw health. That stimulation sends signals that your body will respond to by delivering nutrients to the bone. This stops the problem of jawbone resorption, which affects people who have lost teeth and not received restorations supported by implants.

Plan Your Tooth Extraction And Dental Implant Placement At The Dental Implant Place!

If you have a serious tooth problem that calls for extraction, we can help with this as well as start plans to replace that tooth with a dental implant-held restoration. To find out more, call The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.