Restoring the appearance of your smile and balance of your bite are two of the most important goals when it comes to replacing the visible parts, or crowns, of your lost teeth. These impacts are among the most noticeable, and addressing them is often the motivating factor in people’s choice to replace their lost teeth. However, there’s more to the functions of your healthy, natural teeth than just what meets the eye, and for many people, dental implant restorations offer the most beneficial solution to restoring all of them.

The roots that stabilize your teeth when you bite

The main purpose of dental implant posts is to replace the healthy roots of your lost teeth. The small, biocompatible posts can be utilized to support a dental crown, bridge, or full-arch dental restoration as it restores your ability to bite and chew properly. The ability to replace your lost teeth roots isn’t common to other dental restorations, which makes dental implants especially beneficial to your long-term oral health. By giving your dental ridge its roots back, dental implants can also do more to preserve the long-term integrity of your smile and oral structures.

The stimulation that preserves your jawbone structure

In addition to providing your teeth with ample support when you bite and chew, your healthy, natural teeth roots also serve another important purpose in the state of your oral health. When you bite and chew, the pressure of the action allows your teeth roots to stimulate your jawbone, which is the signal that prompts your body to send it enough minerals and nutrients to support itself and your teeth. Dental implants can reestablish this stimulation after you’ve lost one or more teeth roots, and the benefits of this restoration can have significant advantages for preserving your smile and facial structures.

The confidence in a more lifelike smile

When you lose one or more teeth roots, the result can often be a loss of mass and density in your jawbone structure. This can cause your dental ridge to shrink as it loses some of its structural integrity, increasing your risks of losing one or more teeth in the future. This can also have an increasingly more visible impact on your jawbone and surrounding facial structures, as the shrinking of your dental ridge can cause these structures to sag or droop. The condition, known as facial collapse, is the result of lost stimulation within your jawbone structure, and can often be addressed only with the help of dental implant posts.

Learn how dental implants can restore your smile

Dental implants don’t just replace your lost teeth roots, but also restore many of the functions of your lost teeth that traditional restorations can’t. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.