Dental implants have long been a preferable solution for patients who’ve experienced tooth loss, whether that loss has included a single tooth, multiple teeth, or all of the teeth on your dental ridge. However, receiving dental implant posts and the custom restoration that rests on top of them isn’t always the same process for everyone. For some patients, it can include the need to fortify the jawbone structure that’s to receive the implants before they can be placed, especially if they’ve experienced a significant loss of mass and density in their jawbone structure. However, with the help of small-diameter dental implants, this need can often be reduced or avoided, allowing more patients to enjoy the benefits of dental implants more conveniently.

Offering maximum support for your restoration

The main advantage of dental implants is the support that they offer your replacement teeth. Traditionally, dental restorations are designed to make the most of your remaining healthy, natural tooth structure for support. However, dental implants eliminate this need by providing one or a series of prosthetic, root-like posts for your restoration to rest upon. Dental implants mimic the form and function of healthy teeth roots to offer maximum support for your restoration when you bite and chew, which enhances the overall performance of your replacement teeth.

Minimizing the need to prepare for the restoration

The value in dental implant posts lies in their biocompatibility. Once they’re placed within your jawbone structure, the surrounding bone will fuse to their surfaces, which creates a lifelike system of support to anchor your restoration to your dental ridge. For this to work, however, dental implant posts require an adequate amount of supportive jawbone structure. If you’ve lost mass and density in this structure after losing stimulation from your teeth roots, then small-diameter dental implant posts may help you limit the need to fortify the structure before restoring your smile.

Simplifying implant placement and restoration procedures

The use of small-diameter dental implants is one way in which we strive to streamline the overall dental implant placement and restoration procedures for patients. To help ensure that small-diameter implants are the right solution, we can perform comprehensive diagnostic examinations in-office, as well as detailed treatment planning and the implant placement procedure all under one roof. To further streamline your treatment, we can place and restore your small-diameter dental implants all in one day.

Learn more about small-diameter dental implants

By streamlining your dental implant placement and restoration procedures, small-diameter dental implants can offer significant benefits for restoring your smile overall. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.