How prepared are you to have your smile restored through implant dentistry? While people are often excited by what an implant-held restoration can do for them, there may be issues that have made it difficult for them to move forward with treatment. At our Fort Worth, TX clinic, we have helped many individuals who have struggled to move forward with prosthetic dental work. One issue that affects patients is a lack of jawbone support. Letting tooth loss go unaddressed for a lengthy period can lead to a deterioration of the bone, which can interfere with implant placement. If necessary, we can discuss a jawbone grafting procedure to avoid this difficulty. We can also explore the benefits of mini dental implants to move forward with your treatment.

Preparing For A Successful Implant Placement

Through a preliminary review, we can determine the right placement for an implant (or implants), and we can also watch out for any issues that might interfere with your treatment. This preparatory work will benefit those who need to replace a single tooth, as well as those who are looking to support a larger restoration, like a bridge or denture. When problems with bone deterioration are identified, we can discuss the matter with you. Dr. Brown’s experience in work involving dental implants has led to many people moving forward with their smile restorations, even when they have had trouble finding treatment options in the past.

Bone Grafting And Sinus Lifting

A problem with bone deterioration can be directly addressed through a jawbone grafting treatment, or through sinus lifting. Sinus lifts are performed to strengthen the bone when upper teeth are being restored, while the jawbone grafting is done to help secure replacements for lower teeth. These procedures add mass and strength to areas where implants need to be placed. By adding support to these areas, we can work to ensure that your placement and healing process are successful.

Mini Dental Implants Can Help Patients With Less Bone Support

Because we also offer prosthetic work with mini dental implants, we can help those who have issues with jawbone deterioration. While these implants are smaller in size, they offer the kind of stability and long-term support that patients hope for when arranging prosthetic dental treatment. Your mini implants will still allow you to bite, chew, and speak with greater comfort, and they can help us provide you with your restored smile in less time!

Start Planning Your Smile Restoration At The Dental Implant Place!

Dr. Steve Brown has helped many people regain their full, happy smiles. We have experience helping those who have struggled with complications that affected their treatment options in the past, and we can help you enjoy a successful smile restoration in less time than you think possible. To find out more, call The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.