Restoring your smile after experiencing tooth loss can become more complex the longer it takes you to address the problem. This is due largely to the many different consequences of losing teeth and their roots, including the diminishing impact of the loss on your jawbone structure. For many patients, losing teeth results in a weakening of this structure, and rebuilding their smiles may require treatment designed specifically to strengthen it again.

Why tooth loss can make your jawbone weaker

The particular impact of tooth loss on your jawbone revolves around the bone structure’s reaction to the loss of your teeth roots. These roots are responsible for stimulating your jawbone when you bite and chew, and this stimulation is the key to maintaining an adequate supply of minerals and nutrients to your dental ridge. Without a full set of teeth roots situated in your jawbone, this stimulation and the resulting supply of nutrition to your jawbone will lessen, making the bone structure weaker over time.

How to address the loss of your teeth roots

When dental implants first became popular, their most notable feature was their ability to replace the roots of lost teeth with high levels of success. Until then, tooth replacement options didn’t come with root-like supportive structures, and therefore, could not address the consequences of losing teeth roots. With dental implant posts, modern dental restorations are able to reestablish more of your bite’s function and the ability to maintain a strong, healthy, and durable jawbone to support the rest of your natural teeth.

If your jawbone has already lost mass and density

Because of the impacts of tooth loss, many people can experience more than just the loss of their teeth by the time they seek to address the condition. Jawbone erosion is often part of this experience, and in many cases, this may impact the course of your restorative treatment. For instance, you may require jawbone grafting before receiving your implant posts in order to fortify the bone structure, or benefit from the use of small-diameter dental implants to accommodate the reduced jawbone mass and density.

Strengthen your jawbone with dental implants

Decreasing strength in your jawbone is a significant result of losing teeth roots, and dental implants may be the best solution for keeping your dental ridge strong. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.