After being told that your tooth needs to be extracted, it’s natural to have a few questions and worries about it. For instance, if the condition is bad enough to warrant extracting a tooth, then you might worry what other impacts to your oral health are there to be concerned about. While the need for tooth extraction may indicate a serious oral health condition, the good news is that the process is often a simple one. In addition, you can worry less about the impact of losing the tooth by replacing it on the same day with a dental implant-supported crown.

Removing the threat to your oral health

There are several potential reasons for needing tooth extraction, but all of them are serious conditions that need to be addressed. The problem is that they can’t be addressed by restoring the tooth because it’s too severely compromised, which means it may also pose a threat to the rest of your oral health if it remains long enough. The main advantage to extracting the tooth as soon as possible is removing the threat and making it simpler to restore your smile and good oral health.

Dealing with the impact of losing the tooth

Removing a severely compromised tooth from your dental ridge is paramount to preserving your smile, but there are also consequences to losing your natural tooth structure that you’ll have to take into account. For instance, your remaining teeth, especially those closest to the extracted one, can shift out of alignment under the change in your bite’s pressure and balance. The jawbone structure where the tooth root once rested can also lose mass and density as the empty socket resorbs the bone structure. Dealing with the impacts of extracting the tooth may be simpler than you expect if you replace the tooth with a dental implant and crown as soon as possible.

Restoring your smile all in one day

For many patients who require tooth extraction, replacing the tooth as soon as possible means doing so on the same day. At our office, we can often perform same-day tooth extraction with a custom-designed, highly lifelike dental implant restoration, allowing you to fully restore your smile in just a single day. This can help ensure your tooth extraction has a minimal impact on your long-term oral health, as well as help you enjoy your newly restored smile significantly faster.

Learn about same-day tooth extraction

If your tooth needs to be extracted, we can help make the process of removing your tooth and restoring your smile more convenient and personalized. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.