Restoring your smile when you’ve experienced one or multiple severe oral health concerns can sometimes be more complex than it seems at first. For example, when some patients experience tooth loss and want to rebuild their smiles by replacing their lost teeth, the most important part of the restoration is often the implanted post that supports it. However, receiving one or more dental implant posts might not be as simple as you expect, either, especially if your jawbone has experienced significant consequences due to the loss of your teeth roots.

How soon should you seek treatment?

When your dentist or oral health specialist recommends jawbone grafting as part of your smile restoration plan, it means your jawbone has lost a substantial amount of mass and density. This results from the lack of stimulation in the bone structure after the loss of your teeth roots, and the effect will continue to impact your jawbone’s integrity until the roots are replaced. Grafting the bone structure to fortify may be necessary before you can receive your implant posts, which makes the need for your treatment a pressing one.

Is it really necessary to restore your smile?

Jawbone grafting requires oral surgery in addition to your dental implant placement, which can make your overall treatment process longer to complete. This also means that grafting your jawbone structure is only recommended when it’s absolutely necessary to restore your smile. In many cases, we’ll design smile restoration plans in a minimally invasive manner that allows us to help patients reduce or avoid the need for jawbone grafting. Most importantly, we can perform all parts of your implant treatment, including jawbone grafting if necessary, in order to streamline the process of rebuilding your smile and its foundation.

How can you minimize your need for grafting?

If you address the loss of one or more teeth by replacing them with dental implants as soon as possible, you have a good chance of avoiding the need for jawbone grafting. Any loss to your jawbone’s mass and density will be minimal if you replace the roots of your lost teeth, and their stimulation, soon after losing them. However, if you have lost some bone mass and density in your dental ridge, then we may be able to help make receiving dental implants easier with the help of small-diameter dental implant posts.

Learn more about jawbone grafting

Jawbone grafting might be necessary for restoring your smile, but you should ask yourself how to minimize the extent of your overall treatment before you undergo the procedure. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.