While dental implants are a highly successful option for replacing lost teeth, there are sometimes certain considerations that come with receiving them. For example, some patients may have lost a significant number of teeth, or have lived with tooth loss and its consequences for many years. In some cases, this can lead to a weakened state of their jawbone structure, which can affect their ability to receive an adequate number of traditional dental implant posts. With the use of small-diameter dental implants, we can often help patients overcome this challenge and benefit from the more comprehensive tooth replacement provided by dental implant posts.

It can help them avoid or limit jawbone grafting

When patients experience a significant loss of mass and density in their jawbone structures – a common result of losing teeth roots – receiving dental implants may require receiving jawbone grafting first. This a surgical procedure that involves grafting donor bone material to the weakened jawbone structure, and may prolong the length of your dental implant treatment by several additional months. With small-diameter dental implants, the need for jawbone grafting can be limited, or avoided altogether, helping patients streamline the overall extent of their smile restoration plan.

They can enjoy their dental implants sooner

By reducing or eliminating the need for jawbone grafting, small-diameter dental implants can make the entire process of receiving and restoring your dental implants much more convenient. In addition to minimizing the extent of your treatment, this means you may be able to begin enjoying the benefits of your dental implant restoration much sooner. These include restoring stimulation to your jawbone structure and slowing or stopping its loss of mass and density. The sooner you can receive dental implants to address this concern, the more of your natural jawbone structure you can successfully preserve.

They can receive their treatment in one place

The use of small-diameter dental implants and the streamlining of the implant treatment process are both possible thanks to our ability to perform every step of the dental implant process within a single office. We can recommend small-diameter dental implants if necessary, after a comprehensive, detailed examination, including the use of digital imaging equipment. We can also plan and execute your dental implant placement surgery, as well as design and place a temporary restoration on your small-diameter dental implants all in just one day.

Learn if you can benefit from small-diameter implants

Small-diameter dental implants can be highly beneficial to patients who’ve experienced significant tooth loss. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.