For many people who experience tooth loss, it’s the severe result of another underlying oral health concern. For example, the most frequent reason for tooth loss is severe gum disease and the damage that it causes to the supportive structures around your teeth. However, the loss of one or more teeth doesn’t mark the end of your oral health concerns. Gum disease continues to threaten your gums and jawbone structure, and the loss of the tooth structure (particularly, their roots) will continue to have a detrimental impact on your dental ridge.

Following the loss of a tooth and its root

The problems that tooth loss causes begin the moment the tooth is lost, though some of these impacts can take years to become noticeable. One of these effects involves the loss of stimulation in your jawbone structure following the loss of a tooth’s root. This loss of stimulation results in the jawbone structure losing mass and density over time, and this weakening affect on your dental ridge can increase your risks of losing more teeth in the near future. Most conventional dental restorations, such as dental bridges, don’t provide a solution for this.

The problems that get worse over time

After losing teeth and their roots, the conventional response is to have them replaced with a custom-designed dental bridge or denture. This helps address the problems that result from losing the visible crowns of your teeth, which helps restore much of your bite’s function and your smile’s full, healthy appearance. However, the problems that stem from the loss of your teeth roots will continue to get worse over time, which often impacts the long-term quality and performance of traditional restorations. Supporting a restoration on dental implants, which are designed to mimic healthy, natural teeth roots, can help you create a more lifelike replacement for your smile and the rest of your oral health.

Preventing subsequent problems after tooth loss

The point of dental implant posts is to offer the same level of functionality to your replacement teeth that your healthy, natural teeth enjoy. Dental implant posts are surgically placed in the jawbone structure where teeth roots used to be, and act as anchors for a custom-made dental crown, bridge, or full-arch restoration. The stability that implant posts provide your restoration more closely resembles the stability of your healthy, natural teeth, and the posts are able to reestablish the stimulation that your dental ridge requires to maintain its strength and integrity.

Preserve your smile with dental implants

Tooth loss might be the result of a severe underlying condition, but it can also be the start of several other problems with your oral health. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.