Month: October 2020

How In-House Technology Makes Receiving Implants Simple

When experiencing tooth loss, the first thought that enters someone’s head usually involves how long it will take and how extensive the process will be. Whether you had to have your tooth extracted or experience loss from another circumstance, it is critical you do not hesitate to seek a replacement, as gaps in your smile… Read more »

When To Consider Extracting a Tooth

Losing a tooth can be a frightening concept for many of us, and isn’t the first option most would prefer when it comes to the health of their smile. While there is a myriad of benefits from receiving a dental restoration, the fact of the matter is that the idea of permanently losing a tooth… Read more »

The Benefits of Receiving a Restoration

In most dental circumstances regarding broken, chipped, cracked, or diseased teeth, the overall goal is to preserve its natural, healthy structure. In many cases, however, the oral structure is beyond repair and a person’s oral health would benefit greater from having the tooth extracted and replaced with a custom-made, life-like prosthetic. Regardless of the circumstance,… Read more »

What to Do If Your Jaw Structure Can’t Support Implants

Individuals who have experienced tooth loss may be at an impasse when deciding what to do about the situation. The fact of the matter is, however, that choosing not to act on seeking a solution can be detrimental to your oral health, as having one or more missing teeth can and will affect your bite,… Read more »

How Implants Can Help in More Ways Than One

Having a complete smile benefits you and your oral health in multiple ways. It helps to even out your bite, support and preserve the structural integrity of your jaw, and even assist with speaking. On top of that, having a seamless and complete smile instills confidence and security within many individuals. With these factors in… Read more »

How Dental Implants Support the Structural Integrity of Your Jaw

Your jaw bone and structure play a significant role in dental implant placement. For an individual to qualify for one, you must have enough tissue and bone density in order to support the titanium posts that need to be inserted, and once the post bonds, it needs to be able to absorb, at a minimum,… Read more »

What to Keep in Mind About Extracting a Tooth

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to extracting a tooth. You might wonder if it’s really necessary, or if there may be another option to save the tooth. You may also need time to get used to the fact that you need to extract the tooth and what that could mean for… Read more »

When You Experience Severe Tooth Loss

When you determine the severity of your tooth loss, the most important metric is the number of teeth that you’ve lost. However, the severity of losing teeth includes more than the tooth structure that’s no longer present. It also includes the impact that the absence of the tooth and its root has on the rest… Read more »

Why It’s Important Not to Ignore Tooth Loss

It’s not easy to ignore the loss of a tooth. However, for many patients, it can seem like something that doesn’t have to be addressed immediately. As they take time to adjust to the fact that they’ve permanently lost a tooth, the impacts of that loss can continue to have a growing impact on several… Read more »

When Saving Your Smile Means Losing a Tooth

Restoring your smile often means saving a tooth that’s damaged or compromised in some way. In some cases, it can mean having to replace a tooth that’s been lost before it was able to be saved. However, there are times when a tooth is bound to be lost because of the concerns it experiences, but… Read more »