Addressing any oral health concern that you might develop as soon as possible is typically the best way to restore your smile and good oral health. However, not everyone who experiences tooth loss understands the importance of prompt treatment, or how hesitating could impact their oral health and smile restoration plans. Today, we examine three important reasons to address tooth loss as soon as possible, and why dental implants are often the most beneficial way to address it.

1. Your smile won’t recover on its own

Your teeth and oral health are unique in that most concerns that develop don’t go away on their own. This is true for minor conditions, such as sensitive teeth, as well as more severe concerns like the loss of one or more teeth. For example, not only will your lost tooth not grow back, but the consequences of the loss will continue to develop and grow worse over time. Replacing lost teeth is the only way to help your smile recover its good health and your bite’s proper function.

2. You won’t notice the consequences right away

The thing about the consequences of tooth loss is that not all of them are immediately noticeable. This can sometimes fool people into believing that tooth loss isn’t that big of a deal, and that the appearance of their smiles is the most important aspect of having lost teeth. Unfortunately, many of the consequences of tooth loss that aren’t noticeable right away can also have the greatest impact on the rest of your oral health. This can include causing other teeth to shift out of place, putting excessive strain on your jaw joints, causing your jawbone to lose mass and density, and much more.

3. Early treatment means minimally invasive treatment

The sooner you replace your lost teeth, the more effectively you can avoid the consequences of the loss. For patients who hesitate, restoring their smiles may require more than simply replacing their lost teeth. For instance, if your remaining teeth have experienced any damage or have shifted out of position, then this may need to be corrected before you can receive a replacement for your lost teeth. Also, the diminished stimulation in your jawbone can lead to a need for jawbone grafting, depending on how severe the diminishment is.

Learn how to address your tooth loss

The sooner you address the loss of your teeth with an appropriate restoration, the more effectively you can restore your smile and avoid further complications. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.