Tooth human implant. On1 concept. Dental prosthetic innovation. 3d illustration.Your jaw bone and structure play a significant role in dental implant placement. For an individual to qualify for one, you must have enough tissue and bone density in order to support the titanium posts that need to be inserted, and once the post bonds, it needs to be able to absorb, at a minimum, as much bite pressure as the root of the tooth it is replacing. Additionally, tooth migration must be taken into account as well if it is applicable. At The Dental Implant Place in Fort Worth, Texas, we want to ensure that your placement is optimized, precise, and done correctly, and that process starts with understanding what contributes to a successful procedure.

They Bond with the Jaw

In regard to the procedure, the trained oral surgeon will insert a titanium post into the bone at the target site. Typically, the post is left to bond with the jaw bone for a couple of months, enabling the bone to heal around the post and create a secure bond. In many circumstances, the crown is placed after the titanium is secured, however, you can also have the post placed with the crown all in one visit. We utilize advanced digital diagnostic and imaging technology to optimize the results by carefully planning the placement and angle it will be placed.

Prevention of Deterioration

When individuals permanently lose teeth, they also lose much functionality of their mouth and jaw as well. The immediate effect you notice is the inability to chew food and sometimes enunciate words. What some might not necessarily know, however, is that it can also be detrimental to your jaw’s functionality, as with the loss of teeth and no bite stressors to maintain the density, the complete structural integrity of the bone is at risk. Because of this, restoration offers a method of renewing your functionality and ultimately preserving your bone health.

They Secure Your Smile

Unlike traditional dentures that are secured with an oral adhesive, implants offer a more secure and stable form of bonding. This is productive for functionality purposes, as you can chew more easily without fear of dentures coming out or separating from your gum line and the artificial roots created to secure them.

Learn More About Dental Implants

If you have lost a tooth and are currently weighing your options, consider completing your smile with an optimized dental implant that not only bonds securely with your jaw, but restores the complete functionality of your bite. To learn more, contact The Dental Implant Place in Fort Worth Texas by calling 817-560-0414 for a free consultation and to schedule an appointment. It is better to act quickly and efficiently than to wait, and our office is ready to help you create a plan for your tooth restoration today.